Lake Wylie is a fun lake to bring your friends and family to. Don’t have a boat? No problem! has you covered with new, clean, and easy to use luxury pontoon rentals. They are open and available for rentals year-around!

Common questions I get in regards to boat rentals:

Can you rent jet skies? NO. Due to jet skies being the #1 insurance claim and cause of injury on the lakes, rental companies have stopped renting jet skies.

Is there a party yacht to rent for parties? To my understanding there is not currently a large style boat available for rent for events. The closest thing used to be a houseboat that could fit about 50 people. However, I don’t think that boat is still operational.

Can you fish from a rental boat? Of course! All you need is a SC or a NC license (depending on what side of the lake you are fishing on). The Lake Wylie Marine Commission is trying to get the law changed so you can fish the entire lake with either an NC or SC license but as of Dec 2017, that hasn’t happened yet.


Feel free to jump over to for more information about renting a boat on Lake Wylie and getting out on the water!